Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What kinds of things can I use YANZO for?

Anything you want. As long as it's not illegal (Please check the Restricted Products List). Seriously. Just try it.


Q: How much time does it take to place an order?


Couple of lines.

Q: How quickly will I get what I want after requesting it?

As soon as possible.

Q: How much does it cost?

Cost is variable based on each request, we will inform you of the price before you are billed.

Q: How do you charge me and know where to deliver, etc.?

The first time you use YANZO, Telr (Our payment Gateway) will save your credit card info, your address, etc. After that, we know who you are and everything's on autopilot.

Q: How do you guarantee that my credit card number is safe and secure?

We will send you a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link via SMS or Whatsapp  that you can click to enter your credit card number. We do not store your credit card number. All payment processing is handled by Telr (Our Payment Gateway).

Q: Where is YANZO available?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.