4 Ways: How to use Yanzo!

First make sure you saved this number (+971566143243)


Now you're ready to...

1. Eat with Yanzo

You now have that friend who you can just text “I’m craving for Pizza” and actually gets you a Pizza!

No more hassle of phone calls, downloading apps, opening websites, filling endless fields asking for address, phone numbers, and credit cards details … etc

All what you have to do is to text Yanzo who knows all your preferences and usual’s and finish your order with just a text.

Yanzo doesn’t sell food, Yanzo will buy you food. This means that we can get you anything from anywhere as we don’t have set of registered restaurants like other platforms…

2. Buy with Yanzo

For the million time, you are looking for something, but you are not able to find it anywhere around, or you find it but somewhere far from you, or you didn’t have the time to go get it yourself.

Now you can simply throw it all on us, we’ll handle it. Starting from the searching ending by making sure it reaches your doorsteps or even tailoring alternatives if you’re having some specifics in mind.

We can’t even list the things that you can ask us to get for you, you can just text asking for whatever comes to your mind and just chill to see the action happening!

3. Book with Yanzo

Yanzo doesn’t only book flights and hotels, you may want to book a ticket for a concert, an event, a conference, or a match…etc but you don’t know where to get it, not sure if they’re sold out or not, or simply don’t have time to go get it yourself!

You can even book a doctor or a beauty center appointment,or maybe you want to book a bungee jump or a skydive!

All of this can be done with a simple text…

4. Get help with Yanzo

What kind of help that Yanzo can offers?!

Simply all types of services; home services, car services, government or even emergency services.

You can ask Yanzo to help you moving your home, you can request a washing service for your car or book a maid service for your home.You may get stuck with a flat tire at work or a broken door at home..

All these types of services can be done only through a couple of texts..


You can always be as creative as you can and dare to challenge us to do anything else for you, also you can text us too through our social media channels @textyanzo

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