Still wondering who we are?!

Hey! We’re Yanzo…

Guess you’re here because you’re still not sure what we do or who we are, so here it is in a nutshell…

Who we are?!

We are Yanzo, your new best friend, you can text us asking for anything you want, literally anything such as buying a book, throwing a party, picking up and delivering things you forgot at home, pay your bills or even do your shopping and grocery.

There're millions of things that you can ask us to do for you, no constraints, no rules, nothing impossible AS LONG AS it's legal just think of the toughest and hardest thing you want, text us with it and we'll accept the challenge ;)

Now what we do?!

We are middlemen, helping people to focus on what matters by offering convenience.

Our solution coordinators will receive your request and work on it to tailor the best fit solution depending on your criteria of time and budget.

We don't own the products, we aren't selling anything except the service, which is getting someone tailoring solutions just for your case and getting your things done by just sending text messages and through the most accessible most used applications Whatsapp/SMS/Facebook messenger or even Twitter DM.

And here comes the question;

Is Yanzo a mobile application?! The answer in NO.

Let us ask you our popular question

"How many apps do you have on your phone?! "

Probably the answer is between 5-10 apps

And for this, we made our technology taming and integrating the texting applications that we're all already using and can't dispense; providing you with the most accessible way to reach us; by just adding our phone number (+971566143243) so you don't have to install or download anything, you can just text us as if you're texting a friend..

So what's the actual value of the service, what hassle are you sparing me of ?!

Yanzo is sparing you several hassles

  • First, hassle of finding the appropriate service/product and making sure its the best one fitting your criteria, which is done by the team of solution coordinators who are specially dedicated to find a solution for your problem.

  • Hassle of using more than an application or website to get your things done; one for food ordering, one for electronics, one to book cinema tickets, one to book your maid service...etc. which we resolved by only using your favorite texting application to get all things done through us.

  • Hassle of following up on your order, which we also spare cause our operators' job never ends at just placing the order, they should make sure that the order reached you at the requested place and time.

  • Hassle of trusting websites/apps, and of-course this too is something you spare yourself from when you just need to trust us, as Yanzo we are always not ready to give up your valuable trustworthy and that's why we're not dealing except with trust-able well known suppliers who are always subjected to strict assessment to make sure they are fulfilling our criteria of responsibility and authenticity

What's the service charge?!

Margin is decided based on a matrix of factors that include segment, complexity, duration, and others, which is generally a percentage from your order value.

Before executing with any order, you must receive a confirmation message; having all order details and total price, once you said "confirm" we'll deduct the money from our payment gateway application and proceed with your order.

Where we operate?!

For now we're focusing on Duabi but soon in all UAE.

If you still need to know more about Yanzo, make sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram @textyanzo so you'll be updated with our latest news and offers, and remember Yanzo's surprises aren't yet revealed ;)

Have a good day!

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